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Nail Size & Shapes Guide

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1. Nail Sizing
     1.1. How to measure your nail?
     1.2. Standard size
2. Nail Shapes
3. Nail Length



    Just with a tape, a pen, a ruler, and follow these 3 simple steps, so easy to have your measurement

    • Step 1: Hold measuring tape horizontally across the widest part of your nail.
    • Step 2: Mark each end of the tape
    • Step 3: Measure it using a ruler in millimeters.


    Usually both hands have the same size nails so you can choose one of the standard set sizes in our listings.

    •  Step 4: Send use 2 photos of your fingers with a CAD $20 dollars note (or you can use any cards you have _ remember to hide the card number if you use credit card)
    - First photo that contains your 4 fingers and the CAD $20 notes
    - Second photo that contains your Thumb and the CAD $20 notes

    However, if you need custom sizes, don’t worry! All you need to do is choose the ‘Custom’ option and then leave your nail measurements in the note section at checkout.

    What happens if you are not sure about your nail size?

     --> If you are afraid that the size is not really accurate, then we can go with a slightly bigger size, as if it's big, you can use the file that we will send to you and trim it down to your size, so no more worries!!! 

    ---> If you still have questions, why don't you message us by using our button Chat at the bottom right corner


    Standard size (mm)

    XS: 14, 10, 12, 11, 8

    S: 15, 11, 13, 12, 8

    M: 16, 11,13,12,9

    L: 18, 12, 14, 13, 10

    XL: 18, 13, 14, 14, 11



    We also offer the ability for you to choose which nail shape you would like to have. The available options are:



    Form  Shortest (mm)  Longest (mm) 
    Coffin Long Coffin 27 33
    Medium Coffin 22 26
    Stiletto Long Stiletto 27 33
    Short Stiletto 18 25
    Ballerina Long Ballerina 23 32
    Short Ballerina 17 23
    Round Short Round 12 23
    Square/Squoval XL Long Square 34 34
    Long Square 19 28
    Medium Square 15 24
    Short Squoval 12 20
    Almond Almond 20 26